Return to the Tomb of Horrors

The Tomb of Horrors

The party attempted to return to the catacombs via a teleportation spell, but Bearcloak’s chaos magic went awry! The Sidmouth Slayers found themselves in a different tomb, immediately set upon by undead wraiths. Rather than fight the wraiths, they escaped to their intended destination with a second teleport spell from Shortly. For his error perhaps, Bearcloak suffered a deathly touch from a wraith.

In the Academy catacomb, the party again faced the guardian Iron Golem. But this time they were well prepared, and the golem fell to a combination of Bacon’s druid magic and Michonne’s mighty blows. Now the party could find out what exactly the golem guarded.

A secret door! Which led to a long passageway, with another door at the end. Bacon was able to discover that the door held a spell that would trigger upon opening, but he could not dispel the magic. He elected to use an unseen servant to open the door whilst his fellows cowered in the catacombs! The magic trap altered gravity in the corridor, and Bacon fell. Injured, but relatively intact, Bacon waited out the magic. He found that the door at the end of the corridor was false: it was just a trap. But where was the way onwards?

Shortly’s dwarven stonecunning prevailed. Another secret door lay in the corridor. Opening this led to a chamber filled with lit black candles. And off from this chamber lay three tunnels going deeper into the hillside…

The first tunnel led to a double door. Bacon bravely investigated, but set off a trap that caused a section of wall to move – he had to act fast to avoid being sealed in. Bacon returned to the chamber where his fellows waited, his unseen servant trapped behind the new wall. Bearcloak briefly considered employing a mighty magic to create an ethereal tunnel through the new wall, but the party decided to look into the next tunnel first.

And discovered the true entrance to the Tomb of Horrors!

A 20 foot wide tunnel featured plastered walls covered in artwork depicting human and animal-headed slaves toiling in fields. Other pictures included a wizardly workroom, a prison cell, and two figures resembling Kito’s god Anubis (Guardian of Tombs) holding a chest between them. The floor was covered in mosaic tiles and featured a red pathway leading onwards down the tunnel.

Some experimentation with the chest, that actually protruded into the tunnel, yielded nothing. Bacon fell into a pit trap – whilst shallow, the many spikes in the bottom of the pit wounded him severely and were coated in deadly poison. Bacon narrowly survived, and Shortly neutralised the poison. Bacon carefully examined the rest of the tunnel floor and found several more pit traps, as well as a verse hidden in the red mosaic tiles. [I will add the verse as a separate document later].

At the end of the tunnel was a great green fiendish face – it’s gaping mouth was perfect blackness. To one side of the fiendish face was an archway filled with thick mist that could not be seen through. The party decided to search the corridor again.

Kito’s probing uncovered an iron door behind the painted depiction of the prison cell door. Beyond was a short corridor, ending at another door. After carefully checking for more traps, the party opened this door.

A demonic four armed gargoyle-like creature occupied the next chamber, and it launched a ferocious assault upon the group. Kito fell unconscious as the party (literally) chipped away at the monster’s stony hide. Shortly employed a powerful healing spell on Kito, whilst Bacon strengthened him further. When the monster turned its full attention on the cleric, and almost felled him too, Kito launched a series of devastating smites with her holy blade and the horror was reduced to rubble.

The party recoved the gem-studded collar that their foe had worn, with another short verse hidden within it.

They decided to rest…



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